Safety First For World of Outlaws and Dirtcar

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The World of Outlaws and DIRTcar have partnered with ESI Equipment Inc. and the International Council of Motorsports Sciences to make racetrack and safety officials aware of the SFI accredited Short Track Incident Response Program in an effort to have those officials properly trained in how to handle any kind of race car accident.

“Back in the day, there are racetracks, you’d call them and you would ask them if they had an ambulance on site. They’d say, ‘Yes,’” World of Outlaws and DIRTcar Safety Director Tyler Bachman said. “They did not lie to you. The ambulance was there. But it hadn’t been moved in seven years. So, we’ve come from that five years ago to always having an ambulance there. Now, we’re trying to get the people in those ambulances to understand the cars.

The program tackles everything from putting out various types of fires to helping extricate a patient from a race car and different methods of properly flipping race cars over so the driver doesn’t sustain any further injuries

The course is available for track owners, local rescue crews, and any other motorsports affiliated company that might benefit from it. To request a Short Track Incident Response Program at your facility, or attend a scheduled class, contact:

USA: ESI Race Track Safety Services; 1-800-574-8228 |
Canada: CMRT; | 905-914-0261 | 514-434-6911