Ty Majeski Prevails For Snow Ball Victory

Ty Majeski - Las Vegas Motor Speedway 2020 - photo by Ron Olds


Ty Majeski the Wisconsin driver passed Derek Thorn just two laps before a competition caution with 22 laps to go. That would prove to be a major event in deciding the outcome, giving Majeski the inside line for the final restarts of the race.

Sunday’s triumph marks his fourth podium finish in seven starts in the Snowball Derby. After coming close the previous two years, Majeski finally broke through and took the Tom Dawson Trophy.

“I can’t even describe it man, this is so cool. If you didn’t enjoy that you don’t enjoy racing, that was an awesome race with Derek (Thorn), I have so much respect for him,” Majeski said on the Speed51.TV broadcast.

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