Duel in Desert Results Nite 2


Dotson And Demey Head To Duel Finale With Thursday Night Wins
By Jackson Braun 8 hours ago

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (Nov. 12) – Ethan Dotson of Bakersfield, California, and Shane Demey of Denison, Iowa earned their places in Saturday night’s main event for IMCA Modifieds at the 23rd annual Duel in the Desert on Thursday night.

Jason Wolla and Jordan Grabouski led the field to the green at the start of the first of the pair of twenty lap qualifiers, and it was Grabouski who took the point after a false start early.

Dotson chased down Grabouski on the second round, eventually taking the lead on the backstretch, as Wolla reeled Grabouski back in for the second and final transfer to Saturday’s Duel.

Wolla and Grabouski swapped lines in their bid for the spot, allowing Dotson to pull away by a second in a half.

Dotson built a lead of over two seconds by the halfway point, as he approached the rear of the field.

As the leader worked traffic, Grabouski closed to under a second with seven remaining.

It was then when Jacob Hobscheidt made a strong run from third to the lead on the back stretch on the following lap.

With three lapped cars in front of the lead duo, Dotson and Hobscheidt made contact, with all the air escaping Hobscheidt’s left front tire, and sending him into a spin, ending his bid for a Duel berth.

On the ensuing restart, Torrance, California’s continued his charge from eleventh to go three wide with Grabouski and Ruter to take the runner-up spot.

Dotson continued on to victory over his buddy Laney, both moving on to Saturday’s main event.

In Modified qualifier number two, Riley Simmons and Chaz Baca were the first under the green at the start, with Simmons leading into the first set of turns, and Shane Demey taking the second position.

After a lap two caution, Demey took the point at the line, leading lap two.

A caution on lap two erased a two second lead for Demey.

DJ Shannon kept California looking strong, as he moved from fifth to third on the restart, before a pileup in turn one again slowed the pace with seven complete.

IMCA National Champion Tom Berry moved his Richey Racing mount to 3rd on the restart, before continuing on into a transfer spot on the following circuit.

Berry cut Demey’s advantage in half as the pair worked traffic with five to go. The leaders avoided a spinning lapped car with four to go, setting up a final double file restart.

Shannon took 2nd back on the restart, as the lead trio remained nose to tail, until Berry headed pit side with two laps left.

Demey went on to victory over Shannon.

In the IMCA SportMod division, Austen Becerra and Joe Docekal punched their tickets to Saturday’s final with their qualifying feature wins.

Pole sitter Luke Krogh spun in turns one and two on at the start, as Anthony Madrid went on to lead lap one.

Seventh starting Matt Berry moved into second briefly on the fifth round, but Becerra took the spot back on the backstretch on lap six.

Becerra continued on to move to Madrid’s inside in turns three and four, taking the lead at the conclusion of lap seven.

Following a pair of cautions with eight complete, Becerra continued to lead.

His progress was not quelled by lapped traffic, as he used one last lapper as a pick to continue on to victory, earning redemption after losing a power plant while leading one night prior.

In the second SportMod qualifier, Joe Docekal took the lead at the start, bringing Nick Spainhoward with him into second.

Docekal built a two second lead by the five lap mark, eventually catching the back of the field before a caution at the halfway point.

Ty Rogers took second on the restart, while Spainhoward spun in turns three and four, ending his hopes for a Duel bid for the evening.

Docekal rebuilt his two second lead by the time two more laps went into the books on the restart, and survived one last caution as he took the white flag to pick up the win over Rogers.

In the IMCA Stock Cars, Scott Brown and Zane DeVilbiss moved to Saturday’s main event with their feature triumphs.

Brown and Michael Jaennette were the class of the field in the caution marred eighteen lap affair.

As Brown led, Jaennette fended off advances by Shaun Bruns and Benji Legg to remain in the second and final transfer spot.

Brown had a lead of over a second erased by a trio of cautions around the halfway point.

On the final restart, Brown held off Jaennette, and the latter held off both Chase Alves and Jake Masters to remain the two that earned their spots to Saturday’s duel.

In the final feature of the night, Zane DeVilbiss and Jeffrey Abbey led the field to the green, both looking to recover from falling out of transfer spots the previous night.

As DeVilbiss built a straightaway lead, Abbey was stalked by Jeremy Christians throughout the first half of the race.

DeVilbiss was not slowed by lapped traffic late in the race, as he went on to win over Abbey by nearly nine seconds.

A Mod Feature 1

1 Ethan Dotson
2 Cody Laney
3 Ryan Ruter
4 Jeremy Payne
5 Grey Ferrando
6 Tim Ward
7 Austin Kiefer
8 Bob Moore
9 Jordan Grabouski
10 Ken Schrader
11 Jesse Sobbing
12 Trent Loverude
13 Jason Wolla
14 Ethan Braaksma
15 Jack Sullivan
16 Terry Phillips
17 Wyatt Block
18 Ray Bollinger
19 Bj Wild
20 Peyton Taylor
21 Mike Petersilie
22 Zachary Madrid
23 Ashton Wilkey
24 Paul Guglielmoni
25 John Campos
26 Jacob Hobscheidt
27 Mike Wedelstadt
28 Bryan Wulfenstein

A Mod Feature 2

1 Shane Demey
2 Dj Shannon
3 Johnny Saathoff
4 Greg Gustus
5 Bobby Hogge Iv
6 Casey Delp
7 Dominic Ursetta
8 Scott Bloomquist
9 Randy Brown
10 Dylan Thornton
11 Chaz Baca
12 Jake Pike
13 Kellen Chadwick
14 Chad Groves
15 Chris Nieman
16 Fred Wojtek
17 Robert Sanders
18 Cody Blixt
19 Derek Nance
20 Riley Simmons
21 Tom Berry Jr.
22 Dale Neitzel
23 Tripp Gaylord
24 Kyle Brown
25 Jeremy Richey
26 Gene Kay
27 Craig Oakes
28 William Gould

B Mod Feature 1

1 Zachary Madrid
2 Peyton Taylor
3 Troy Foulger
4 Lawrence O Connor
5 Collen Winebarger
6 Darrell Hughes Ii
7 Jaxon Saathoff
8 Bryson Curry
9 Michael Scruggs
10 Jess Brekke
11 Gary Dutton
12 Jimmy Reeves
13 Cory Sample
14 Tyson Blood
15 Russell Allen
16 Ryan Porter
17 Jeff Olschowka
18 Jeff Feaster
19 Vinny Raucci Jr.
20 John Parmeley
21 Bradley Hopkins
22 Robert Charapata
23 Chester Kniss
24 Chris Jaggi

B Mod Feature 2

1 Ethan Braaksma
2 Wyatt Block
3 Jerry Flippo
4 Scott Drake
5 Cody Burke
6 Chris Morris
7 Danny Lauer
8 Clay Money
9 Dustin Grabowski
10 Brody Spangler
11 Curtis Towns
12 Kelsy-Ann Hayes
13 Michael Hale
14 Steven Noland
15 Jimmy Mills
16 Andy Eickhoff
17 Corey Cox
18 Chance Hyser
19 Jeremy Ohlde
20 Nevin Kennemore
21 Kolbie Mae Mace
22 Kollin Hibdon
23 Steve Simpson Jr
24 Jerry Schram

B Mod Feature 3

1 Bobby Hogge Iv
2 Robert Sanders
3 Travis Olheiser
4 Lance Mari
5 Jeremy Frenier
6 Troy Morris Iii
7 Shane Devolder
8 Braxton Yeager
9 Tim Balding
10 David Murray Jr.
11 Clint Reichenbach
12 Ricky Childress
13 Dan Menk
14 Dalton Houghton
15 Robby Jeppesen
16 Curtis Barnes
17 Jc Parmeley
18 Kyle Wisdom
19 Travis Diercks
20 Bill Cornwall
21 Trevor Fitz
22 Matthew Drager
23 Jacob Pace
24 Randy Ahrns

B Mod Feature 4

1 Dale Neitzel
2 Gene Kay
3 Jason Hilliard
4 Chase Hansen
5 Tyler Mecl
6 Ryan Roath
7 Aaron Elwess
8 Brenda Kirby
9 Ryan Williams
10 Dick Brack
11 Mark Gaylord
12 Derrick Ingle
13 Kersey Ferrando
14 Jc Elrod
15 Tim Yaeger
16 Troy Grabowski
17 Jacob Jones
18 Dann Perry Iii
19 James Anderson
20 Zane Devilbiss
21 Patrick McIntosh
22 Jeff Taylor
23 Josh Sneed
24 Donald Earven

Sport Mod A Feature 1

1 Austen Becerra
2 Brett Berry
3 Anthony Madrid
4 Garrett Jernagan
5 Jorddon Braaten
6 John Piker
7 Clay Erickson
8 Jason Bannister
9 Tommy Fraser
10 Cade Richards
11 Cody Thompson
12 Michael Johnson
13 Shelby Alves
14 Jacob Olmstead
15 Luke Krogh
16 Justin Erickson
17 Keegan Nordquist
18 Guy Ahlwardt
19 Cory Hemphill
20 Mike Ficklin
21 Timothy Ragsdale
22 David Pearson
23 Terry Faul
24 Andrew Peckham
25 Taylor Kuehl
26 Speedy Madrid
27 Justin Klynsma
28 Camron Spangler

Sport Mod A Feature 2

1 Joe Docekal
2 Ty Rogers
3 Ryan Peery
4 Phillip Shelby
5 Kevin Johnson
6 Tyler Blankenship
7 Brian Baker
8 Cole Suckow
9 Michael Dean
10 Chuck Weir
11 Ryan Bledsaw
12 Kelly Henderson
13 Fred Ryland
14 Arie Schouten
15 Joey Jock
16 Rex Higgins
17 Philip Keller
18 Christopher Sieweke
19 David Pitt
20 Adam Baker
21 Richard Spangler
22 Daniel West
23 Doug Hagio
24 Nick Spainhoward
25 Brent Curran
26 Robby Clabor
27 Scott Saunders
28 Justin Wright

Sport Mod B Feature 1

1 Cody Thompson
2 Justin Erickson
3 Cade Richards
4 David Pearson
5 Brendyn Nordyke
6 Chris Toth
7 Cody Williams
8 Mark Garner
9 Nick Hankins
10 Joshua Stringer
11 Austin Ruskauff
12 Chris Falkenberg
13 Dakota Girard
14 Bj Haslam
15 Shane Weybright
16 Matt Mayo
17 Cody Taylor
18 Michael Egurola
19 Kyle Menlove
20 Jon Hammond
21 Jeff Tuttle
22 Lupe Gomez
23 Aries King
24 Brian Carey

Sport Mod B Feature 2

1 Daniel West
2 Fred Ryland
3 Joey Jock
4 Justin Wright
5 David Schmidt
6 Christopher Frisbie
7 Travis Pruitt
8 Jj McCarty Jr.
9 Joe Antonetti
10 Dale Ricks Jr.
11 Jimmy Ray Huffmon
12 Kyler Reynolds
13 Theo Van De Sande
14 Kj Goodwin
15 Bill Lundock
16 Ahnna Schouten
17 Tate Johnson
18 Matt Ruf
19 Craig Nieman
20 Rusty McMillan
21 Russel Hays
22 Jonathan Jensen
23 Terry Bridges
24 Steve Lysinger

Stock Car A Feature 1

1 Scott Brown
2 Michael Jaennette
3 Chase Alves
4 Shaun Bruns
5 Benji Legg
6 Elijah Zevenbergen
7 Dillion Lawrence
8 Tyler Iverson
9 Todd Reitzler
10 Mike Nichols
11 Bruce Nelson
12 Collen Winebarger
13 Dennis Bissonnette
14 Jody York
15 Aaron Spangler
16 Kevin Wright
17 Troy Burkhart
18 Jeff Whiting
19 Ryan Gaylord
20 Matt Baker
21 Donald Schott
22 Chad Johnson
23 Jake Masters
24 Shane Priddy
25 Kyle Pfeifer
26 Cody Johnson
27 Dave Banks
28 Jordan Grabouski

Stock Car A Feature 2

1 Zane Devilbiss
2 Jeffrey Abbey
3 Jeremy Christians
4 Shelby Williams
5 Jason Rogers
6 Randy Brown
7 Westin Abbey
8 Rob Gallaher
9 Braiden Breaux
10 Jesse Sobbing
11 Mike Petersilie
12 Kevin Flock
13 Eric Hamilton
14 Gary Williams
15 Steve Heckman
16 Troy Foulger
17 Mike Stapleton
18 Chase Berkeley
19 Jesse Taylor
20 Austin Rhoades
21 Larry Brigner
22 Joe Bellm
23 Loren Pesicka Jr.
24 Aspen Russell
25 Edwin Wells
26 Justin Wright
27 Gene Henrie
28 Zachary Madrid

Stock Car B Feature 1

1 Cody Johnson
2 Kevin Wright
3 Jody York
4 Troy Burkhart
5 Rob Stenvold
6 Frankie Hendershot
7 Jeff Danos
8 Gary Pesicka
9 Garrett Corn
10 Kris Broucaret
11 Sean Gentry
12 Ron Brewster
13 Mark Madrid Jr.
14 Eric Bartels
15 Mark Morton
16 Andrew Mathers
17 Colton Arends
18 Jaydun Thomas
19 Brock Hamilton
20 Danny Holt
21 David Peterson
22 Levi Card
23 Chris Evoniuk
24 Chris Bennett

Stock Car B Feature 2

1 Austin Rhoades
2 Edwin Wells
3 Steve Heckman
4 Loren Pesicka Jr.
5 George Fronsman
6 Beau Hutchison
7 Jc Parmeley
8 Troy Patee
9 Jack Danos
10 Shawn Parish
11 Andrew Burg
12 Loren Dearmond
13 Tyler Mecl
14 Robert Chalupa
15 Melvin Bailey
16 Joey McCullough
17 Jerry Schram
18 Hunter Cavanagh
19 Jd Davis
20 Buck Swanson
21 Kevin Ward
22 Jake Nelson
23 Pat Humphrey
24 Grayson Denney
25 Austin Van Hoff