Christian, Machado, Robfogel Win Petaluma Speedway Championship Finale


Petaluma, CA…September 21…Jimmy Christian won the 25 lap Wingless Spec Sprint Main Event Saturday night at Petaluma Speedway. This was the second win for Christian. With a ninth place finish in the feature race, Angelique Bell wrapped up the division championship. Jimmy Christian and Scott Chapeta shared the front row for the Main Event and charged into the first two positions at the start. Christian drove a flawless race, and though Chapeta ran close behind him throughout the distance, he scored a well-earned victory. By virtue of his second-place finish, Chapeta beat Sparky Howard for second in the standings. Cody Fendley finished third in the Main Event, followed by Adam Christian, Terry Schank Jr, Howard, Bruno Bianchi, Cameron Martin, Bell and Eden McCormick.

There were 24 Sprint Cars for this race, and Fendley set the fastest time of 14.688 on the three-eighth mile adobe oval. Marcus Smith was second quick at 14.977. They ran four 10 lap heat races with wins going to Fendley, Bob Davis, Adam Christian and Jimmy Christian.

Mitch Machado won the 25 lap Lumberjacks Restaurant Super Stock Main Event. Machado has won all 11 point events aboard the Baker Motorsports entry to wrap up the division championship. Machado and his closest rival, Steve Studebaker, started in the second row of the Main Event and were soon running up front. However, once Machado got the lead, all Studebaker could do was follow not too far behind in second. Matt While had another solid performance in third, followed by Shawn McCoy, Sid Hess, Tim O’Hara, Austin Ohlinger, Brian Azevedo and Snazzy Duckworth. Machado also won the eight lap heat race.

Jeremy Tjensvold won the 20 lap Jake’s Performance Hobbies Mini Stock Main Event. This was the sixth win of the season for Tjensvold as he wrapped up the division championship. Tjensvold shared the front row with defending champion Tom Brown. As has been the case for most of the season, Tjensvold and Brown ran close at the front of the pack, but Tjensvold was just a little bit quicker in victory. Darien Balestrini was a solid third, followed by Cody Bolles, Sophie Shelley, Ben Baxmen, Casey Monahan, Antonio Miramontez, Trevor Rodriguez and Roy Dearing. Tjensvold and Brown won their respective eight lap heat races.

Nick Robfogel won the Santa Rosa Auto Body 600 Micro Main Event. Though this was his division-leading fifth feature triumph, Robfogel still lost the championship battle to Justin Adiego, who finished second in the feature race. Adiego had the pole and set the early pace ahead of Robfogel. On the sixth lap, Robfogel went by Adiego for the lead. Anton Gianini was running a strong third. Only an early yellow flag slowed the pace, and Robfogel managed to stretch his advantage over Adiego to a straightaway by the time the race ended. Gianini settled for third, followed by Rob Brown, Jeremy Charon, Kyle Grissom, Amber Fields, Savannah brown and Charles Emery.

The track will be dark next Saturday night, but three special events are lined up for October. On October 5th, it’s the Ninth Annual Adobe Cup race, featuring the Wingless Spec Sprints and the Lumberjacks Restaurant Super Stocks. For further information, go to