Waltrip To Boogity Boogity From the Booth

Darrell Waltrip LVMS 2019

photo by Ron Olds (file lvms 2019)

Over the past week social media was abuzz with the call for Darrell Waltrip to step away from the broadcasting booth. Waltrip’s final NASCAR race from the broadcast booth is scheduled for June 23 at Sonoma Raceway. The news, later confirmed by the network, was first reported by The (Nashville) Tennessean.

“My family and I have been talking this over the past several months, and I’ve decided to call 2019 my last year in the FOX Sports booth,” Waltrip said in a FOX release. “You can’t try to fool them. You’ve just got to tell it like it is.” “I have been blessed to work with the best team in the sport for the past 19 years, but I’m 72 – Read More:I’m still healthy, happy and now