Gasser Victorious on Colorado State Patrol Night

Nathan Gasser celebrates as he crosses the finish line (Starr photo)

Saturday September 8th, 2018 Colorado State Patrol Move Over Night at Colorado National Speedway was a very eventful night. We had the Figure 8s, The Super Modifieds, the Modified Coupes and the Late Models. It was a great night for racing, the weather was prefect, the temperature was perfect and the fans where great. We night of spills and thrills as the Super Modifieds torn up a lot of fast cars before their race really every started. The figure 8’s put on a great show like always, the modified coupes put on the nights fastest A Main event and the Late Models put on a race that left you guessing until the end.

The annual Ride911 ends with bikers taking some laps at CNS (Starr photo)

Galitz Transportation Late Models
The Late Models finished off the night with a almost perfect race. Nathan Gasser who started in inside of row 4 found his way to lead in no time flat and dominated the race. When the checkered flags flew he had more than a straight away lead over the second place car. with around 17 laps to go a crash on the back shoot brought out the yellow flag bring the field back together. Gasser once again saw the green flag and took off like a rocket ship. While Gasser put on the cruise control and sip on his coffee the 7Y, 76 and 31 had to fight for every inch of racing surface. For laps upon laps these three battled side by side until the 7Y passed the 76 and starting making a little head way on 53 of Gasser. Unfortunately for the 7Y he passed the 76 below the racing surface and had a two position penalty placed on him. But even if that penalty had been placed on him he wouldn’t of had a chance to catch the 53.

Nathan Gasser celebrates as he crosses the finish line (Starr photo)

Feature: 53 Nathan Gasser
Fast Dash:7Y Brett Yackey
Dash: 85 Don Cole
Quicktime: 76 Chad Cowan 17.790

Mountain States Fire Protection Modified Coupes
The Mod Coupes only had two races tonight but they put on the nights fastest overall racing. The drivers in this division are true professionals and put on a great show for the fans. The first race they had they ran wire to wire. They ran their 10 lap dash race in under two minutes and saw some amazing passing as the 3 of Adam Deines took that race win. When it came time to the A Main these guys ran a race fulled with amazing saves and breathe taking speed. The start of the race was a bit tricky as the field almost got completely inverted. A caution on lap two put the field back into order and when the green flag flew the fast car drove their hearts out. The 90D of Frank Denning Jr spun dead in the middle of track two or three laps after the second green flag flew and didn’t get touched. However this is separate the field and allowed the 08 of Jace Hansen to gain a impressive lead over the second place car. Around halfway the 3 of Deines came to life but it was too late and the 08 of Hansen drove to and easy victory.

Jace Hansen celebrates in winner’s circle at CNS (Starr photo)

Feature: 08 Jace Hansen
Fast Dash: 3D Adam Deines
Quicktime 3d Adam Deines 16.734

Super Modified
The Super Modifieds has a very eventful night. Randy Whitman set the quicktime with a blistering 14.687 and was a force to be reckoned with all night. The 02 of Johnny Pickard, who broke during practice, was another car that had the car dialed in. Coming to the green flag for the first Super Mod race of the night the 40 of Harry Stone got side ways and the 13 of Ricky Otts got into sending Otts airborne and tumbling down the front stretch. We restarted the race only to have another car, the 15 of Josh Lewis break going into 3 and rolled his car. All drivers walked way from their cars under their own power. The track officials called the race and we didn’t see anymore action from these guys until the Main. During the main event these guys flew! The 02 of Pickard started on the front row and lead the race from flag to flag. It looked like the 6G of Bryan Gossel had something the for the 02 but fell short as the 02 of Pickard won the A Main.

Feature: 02 JohnnyPickard
Quicktime: 34 Randy Whitman 14.687

Chick-Fil-A Figure 8
As always these guys put on a great show. The Dashes where a little uneventful but they made up of it the main event. The 52 of Jared Wall and the 50 of Justin McKeachie started in the 3rd row and it only took them a couple of laps to get to the front. These two drivers had one of the best battle for the lead I have seen in a long time. While the 52 and 50 were battling the 15, 17 and 35 where racing side by side and putting on a great show for the fans. When the checkered flag flew it was Jared Wall who took them first.

Feature 52 Jared Wall
Fast Dash 15 Jereme Wall
Dash 9 Brent Cave

Unofficial Race Results

Late Models
53G Nathan Gasser
31 Derek Smith
76 Chad Cowan
7Y Brett Yackey
24 Eric Bowers
3 Wade Grove
07 Dave Hondel
98 Lee Kemmit
9 Brent Cave
16 Steve Mills
91 George Burke
85 Don Cole
6K Johnathan Knee
50 Justin McKeachie
98P Natalie Phelps
6 Jason Sharp
94 Kyle Morse
27 Wendy Lewis

Modified Coupes
08 Jace Hansen
3d Adam Deines
55 Gary Land
90D Frank Denning lll
48 Michael Cox
6K Jonathan Knee
43 Matt Pierce
98 Frank Denning Jr.
2 Don Hoselton

Super Modifieds
02 Johnny Pickard
6G Bryan Gossel
1j Luke Johnson
34 Randy Whitman
52x Jordan Decenick
85 Cole MacEwen
18 Cody Curry

Figure 8
52 Jared Wall
50 Justin McKeachie
15 Jereme Wall
17 Harry Livermore Jr.
34 Chris Voorhis
8 Brian McCartney
9 Brent Cave
2 Mike Wolfe Jr.
7 Daniel Wood
2 Jeremy Jackson
12 Harvey Webb Jr.
18 Amanda Sepanich
4 Sean Smith