SEPTEMBER 25, 2018… Starting on the outside of the front row, “Chargin” Charles Davis Jr. (Buckeye, AZ) raced past Andy Reinbold with five laps remaining to win last Saturday’s “Sands Chevrolet Southwest Championships” at Canyon Speedway Park. Piloting his #50 RSS Industries / MP Environmental Services RSS, Davis scored his ninth Sands Chevrolet USAC SouthWest Sprint Car triumph of the campaign. Hard charger “The Bull” Tye Mihocko, Reinbold, “The Magic Man” Mike Martin, and Colton Hardy chased the point leader to the checkered flags. The 30-lap victory was the 30th career USAC SouthWest win for the five-time Arizona sprint car champion.

Using a rare qualifying format, “The Radio Flyer” Bruce St. James (Phoenix, AZ) opened Saturday’s action by topping the charts in the Beaver Stripes Time Trials. Davis and Reinbold claimed the 8-lap heat race victories as Mihocko posted his third hard charger award of 2018 with a ninth to second place run in the feature.

Friday’s opening night of the “Southwest Championships” belonged to “The Magic Man” Mike Martin (Yuma, AZ). Driving his #16 Naquin Precision Earth Moving / American Flowtech Maxim, Martin powered by Kyle Shipley on the second circuit and led the rest of the way to earn his first win of the season. Davis, R.J. Johnson, Mihocko, and Reinbold rounded off the top-five drivers as “The Magic Man” earned his sixth career series victory.

Johnson, St. James, and Matt Lundy won their 8-lap heat races as Johnson posted his second Beaver Stripes Passing Master Award of the year. With a fifteenth to ninth place run in the main event, Michael Curtis claimed his second hard charger award of the season.

9/21 FRIDAY CANYON FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Mike Martin, 2. Charles Davis Jr., 3. R.J. Johnson, 4. Tye Mihocko, 5. Andy Reinbold, 6. Kyle Shipley, 7. Chris Bonneau, 8. Colton Hardy, 9. Michael Curtis, 10. Matt Lundy, 11. Sterling Cling, 12. Tyler Most, 13. Bruce St. James, 14. Asa Kesterson, 15. Dennis Gile, 16. Mike Waddle. NT

**Keefer flipped during the second heat race.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Lap 1 Shipley, Laps 2-30 Martin.
HARD CHARGER: Michael Curtis (15th to 9th)

9/22 SATURDAY CANYON FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Charles Davis Jr., 2. Tye Mihocko, 3. Andy Reinbold, 4. Mike Martin, 5. Colton Hardy, 6. Bruce St. James, 7. Tyler Merrill, 8. Asa Kesterson, 9. Sterling Cling, 10. Tyler Most, 11. Chris Bonneau, 12. Michael Curtis. NT

**Bonneau & Curtis flipped on lap 17 of the feature.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-25 Reinbold, Laps 26-30 Davis.
HARD CHARGER: Tye Mihocko (9th to 2nd)

#50 Charles Davis Jr. Photo by Ben Thrasher.