Fan Reportedly Tries To Fight Kyle Busch After Wrecking Martin Truex


photo credit: Ron Olds (file 2017/lvms)

“Half [Kyle Busch’s] fault, half my fault for following the 14 [of Bowyer] so long,” Truex said after the incident. “I should’ve knocked his butt out of the way because he held me up for 15-20 laps and I burnt my front tires off screwing with him.

Emotions don’t just run high for the drivers when it comes to Bristol Motor Speedway. After the incident, Sherry Pollex went on a little bit of a twitter rant. 8:15: “Omg I can’t believe that just happened. Kyle Busch is a moron,” Pollex tweeted.

After the race, Kyle Busch reportedly had a little run in with the race fans on his way out of the race track. Apparently, a fan approached Kyle Busch looking for a fight. Kyle Busch didn’t back down.

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