Welcome to the all-new Big West Racing

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Since 2002 Big West Racing has been the place to meet after the races. For nearly 15 years BWR has been your source for racing news, discussion, and classifieds in the rocky mountain region. However, over that long time-span things have changed dramatically on the internet. Most discussion and conversation has moved to Facebook and since BWR was originally designed specifically for discussion our site had become obsolete in this new landscape.

This new site has been in the planning stages for a long time. Race fans come to BWR daily for racing news and the classifieds but our old-site was designed more for the discussion aspect of things. Therefore for several years we have wanted to recreate BWR and emphasize the racing news and the classifieds.

Therefore this is the ALL-NEW BWR!!

Be aware this version of BWR is completely new. Nothing from the old site has transferred over. Everything is new. Which means that if you want to place a classified or comment on a story you must re-register here on the new site.

If you need help with your registration or existing account please use our help form.

Work in progress.

Keep in mind the new BWR is a work in progress. We will be adding new features and new content all the time so please feel free to give us your feedback so that we can tailor BWR to fit the needs of the racing community here in our area.

Thank you to all the folks who have made BWR the greatest racing website in the region for nearly 15 years.