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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Mod Coupe Owners/Drivers Ask Yourself

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    Ask Yourself
    Why do race fans flock to the race track when the Super Mods and the Outlaws run. The answer is they’re FAST.

    Ask Yourself
    About the first 5 races of the 2017 races at Colorado National. Only 5-6 cars total raced. The answer is Rule
    rules and more rules. Rules that kept about another 5-6 cars out of the race schedule. The last two races at
    C.N.S. The car count went up. Ask yourself why. Why because the rules where lifted 12-17 showed up to
    race. And they where all FAST coupes.
    The 602 is not the answer to more car count.

    Ask Yourself
    Why then do you, the Mod Coupe owner, want to spend $3,500-5,000 to go slow. The answer is this. Coupe
    owners take that $3,500-5,000 that you would spend to go slow. Invest your $$ into your high performance
    coupe/engine. The race fans will then flock to the track to watch the fast mod coupes. Put on a show.

    Ask Yourself
    Do you really want to go “SLOW”
    If you’re a real racer the answer will be “NO”. Make your coupe FAST. That was answered in the last two
    races at C.N.S. 2017.
    Again the 602 is the DEATH NAIL FOR THE MOD Coupe then keep. Your FAST coupe and call me. Ken
    Bennett, 720-634-4996
    1-25 Wants FAST FAST Coupes
    And H.P.M. agrees with 1-25 all that is needed is seven FAST FAST coupes. And the fans at 1-25 will then
    flock to the track. And say. What a RACE THERE THE MAGNIFICENT “7” at 1-25 Speedway.
    $700.00 To Wn
    $500.00 Second
    $450.00 Third
    $200.00 Fourth – Seventh
    And together we will kept the F AST FAST Mod Coupe
    Thank you,
    Ken Bennett


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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