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ron olds
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NASCAR Inconsistently fines teams

On Tuesday NASCAR announced the penalties for Richard Childress and Turner Motorsports Nationwide teams for infractions at Richmound International Raceway.

While there is nothing unusually about NASCAR announcing penalties on Tuesday as that is customary, what is usually is the penalty.

According to NASCAR after opening-day inspection at Richmond, NASCAR officials informed the teams they would have to cut off the front noses of each car and replace them with new ones. The reason? Each of the front upper bumper covers was illegally modified.

NASCAR was so dissatisfied with the bumper covers of the six Nationwide Series cars in question that it ordered the teams to immediately cut off the noses and replace them with ones that fit the rules. (sound familiar)
The primary infraction? "Streamlining of the contours of the car, beyond what is approved by the series director," according to the rulebook.

Childress driver and current Nationwide points leader Elliot Saddler said " There were no issues with the templates, NASCAR officials indicated to the team that the car failed an "eye test." An Eye test, evidently NASCAR did not approve of the appearance even though the NASCAR claw template used for the inspection process mimickers the original skin of the car with measurement gauges to assure that all corners on the cars conform to the rules.

Each team crew chiefs were fined $10,000 .But NASCAR did not take away any points or issue any suspensions, which is surprising since its actions at Richmond seemed to indicate such penalties were coming.

Inconsistency? Remember the Chad Kanus, Jimmie Johnson penalty at Daytona.
Body modifications can help give cars an aerodynamic advantage, which is why Jimmie Johnson's No. 48 team was nailed with a penalty for illegally altering its C-posts prior to the Daytona 500. Again this was a per race inspection, and again an eye test, as the C-post did fit the template. NASCAR recently announced that there will be a new measurement point on the claw to address the c-post area.

In that instance, NASCAR came down hard on Johnson's team: A 25-point penalty for the driver, six-week suspensions for crew chief Chad Knaus and car chief Ron Malec, and a $100,000 fine plus probation for Knaus.

In 2008, Robby Gordon switched to Dodge and was sent the wrong nose by the manufacturer (something Dodge acknowledged). NASCAR, though, crushed Gordon's team with a harsh penalty – it docked him 100 points, suspended his crew chief for six weeks and fined him $100,000.

And just last fall, NASCAR slapped Michael Waltrip Racing and JTG Daugherty Racing teams with four-week crew chief/car chief suspensions, a 25-point penalty and $50,000 fine for using illegal windshields. Again during a pre race inspection.

Why would it be hard for NASCAR to have standardized penalties, seems like an easy answer as most other sports have standard penalties. NFL if you are offside it's 10 yards no matter when or where the infraction, same with hockey, baseball has a strike zone, so why cant NASCAR standardize there penalty process.
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Typical of every race track in the world. Inconsistent application of rules and penaties.

Which is why so many of us get so frusted at the track.

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