Scelzi Wins Sprint Car Finale, Furr Is Champion At Ocean Speedway


Watsonville, CA…October 5…Dominic Scelzi won the 30 lap Ocean Sprint Car Main Event Friday night at Ocean Speedway. Scelzi was making just his third appearance of the season in a winning effort. After finishing third in the Main Event, Brad Furr wrapped up his third Sprint Car championship. Kurt Nelson started on the outside front row of the Main Event and raced into the early lead ahead of Jeremy Chisum and Furr. Furr and Scelzi both raced pass Chisum for second and third on lap six. Furr was running closely behind Nelson until making the pass for the lead on lap 11. However, Scelzi followed closely into second and slipped past Furr for the lead on lap 13. Justin Sanders settled into third on lap 15, and he took second from Furr on lap 26, just before the second and final yellow flag waved. Scelzi led the restart and rebuffed Sanders’ every effort for the impressive victory. Furr settled ,for third, followed by Bud Kaeding, Nelson, Michael “Buddy” Kofoid, Kyle Offill, Jeremy Chisum, Jason Chisum and Danny Faria.

They were 21 Sprint Cars, and Furr set the quickest lap of 11.489, beating the 11.589 effort Scelzi. They ran three eight lap heat races, and Nelson, Jeremy Chisum and Tucker Worth scored the wins. Chisum continued a strong preliminary effort by holding off Nelson to win the six lap Trophy Dash.

TJ Etchinson III scored his first 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event win of the season. He was racing in memory of his father, longtime Watsonville racer Tim Etchison Jr, who recently passed away. Etchison had the lead from the start. After a yellow flag on lap one, the final 19 laps went all green. Igor Grandzuk provided some pressure early on, but Etchison pulled away just a little bit as the race hit the midpoint. Etchison went on to score the emotional victory, followed by Grandzuk, Anthony Giuliani, Justin McPherson, new champion Jim DiGiovanni, Adriane Frost, Doug Hagio, Mike Kofnovec Sr, Duane Bieser and Charlie Hunter. The two eight lap heat race wins were scored by Grandzuk and Austin Williams.

Shawn Jones won a thrilling 20 lap South Bay Dwarf Car Main Event battle with Terre Rothweiler. It was a battle between past champions, and Rothweiler led the early goings with Shawn Jones and Kyle Jones in close pursuit. As the non-stop race hit the midway point, Jones was still glued to the rear bumper of Rothweiler. They took the white flag in a near dead heat, and Shawn Jones made his winning pass on the final lap. Rothweiler settled for second, followed by Kyle Jones, Mark Biscardi, Ryan Amlen, Gene “Punky” Pires, Trafton Chandler, Eric Wiesler, Brian Barnhill and Brady Beck. Rothweiler and Kyle Jones won eight lap heat races.

JC Elrod won his fifth 20 lap American Stock Main Event of the season and used it to secure second in the final point standings. Chris McCabe had a front row start and set the early pace with Elrod and new champion Matt Kile in close pursuit right behind him. The only yellow flag of the race flew on lap seven. On the restart, Elrod began his duel with McCabe for the lead. Elrod led lap eight, McCabe led lap nine and Elrod regained the lead for good on lap ten. Kile gained second on lap 11, but Elrod pulled away just a little bit by the waving of the checkered flag. McCabe settled for third, followed by multi-time champion Sam Kennedy, Joe Willoughby, DJ Keldsen, John Farrell, Terry Traub, Jerry Skelton and Kevin Counterman. McCabe and Kile won their respective eight lap heat races.