Results From Lincoln County Raceway 08-05-2017

Lincoln County Raceway

Shining in the spotlight were the competitors that challenged for supremacy at Lincoln County Raceway on Saturday evening in North Platte, Nebraska. Drivers came from far and wide to race, as much of the State of Nebraska racing for Saturday had been rained out. Earning rave reviews for their performance on the well-manicured oval were victory lane vistors that included: Colton Osborn, Jamey Kennicutt, Casey Werkmeister, Luke Wassom and Erik Nelson.

Showing great versatility with his hot rod, Colton Osborn of Cozad flexed his muscle by showcasing great speed in multiple grooves to garner the lead on the 12th lap and then drove his way through lap traffic to win the IMCA Modified Feature. Osborn started on the inside of the fourth row and worked the low groove for many of the opening laps to put himself in position to make the pass for the lead on the 12th circuit. It took two moves, as Osborn was able to slip past early leader David Murray Jr. of Oberlin, Kansas. Murray led the initial 11 laps before falling back to second place. Murray worked to get through lap traffic in hopes of reeling in Osborn but he ran out of real estate as the final laps were finished and Murray finished second overall. Coming from the third row and being among the leaders throughout the feature event, Cole Hodges of Ogallala was the third place finisher. Murray was joined by Mikey Dancer of North Platte in winning the earlier in the evening heat races.

Driving with gumption, Jamey Kennicutt of Gothenburg wasted no time in getting to the front of the field, as he grabbed the lead on the third lap and never looked back to claim the victory in the IMCA Northern Sport Modified Feature. Heat Race winner Kennicutt started on the inside of the third row and drove to the front on the low groove to set sail for the win. Working his way through traffic and putting pressure on Kennicutt was the runner-up finisher Tony Schultz of North Platte. Schultz started the contest in the fourth row. Coming from the rear of the field to earn a podium finish, Dillon Schultz of North Platte crossed the finish line in third place. Along with Kennicutt, Jacob Olmstead of Overton was a heat race victor.

Riding on the ragged edge, Casey Werkmeister of Maywood piloted his hot rod around the cushion on the early laps to earn the lead and cruise to the victory in the IMCA Stock Car Feature. Werkmeister started on the outside of the fourth row and used the cushion and tacky track to his advantage to gain the lead and never look back. It took him a little more work than his brother, but Kyle Werkmeister of Maywood was able to gain the runner-up position near the halfway point to earn the second place accolades. Overcoming an early lap incident, Jeff Whiting of Gothenburg drove his way to a stellar finish on Saturday night to cross the finish line in third place overall.

Starting on the front row, grabbing the lead and never looking back was the formula for success for Luke Wassom of Broken Bow in winning the IMCA Hobby Stock feature event. Wassom started on the outside of the front row and held off all charges throughout the event to be the first to the finish stripe. Working through traffic with grace, Zach Olmstead of Overton was able to shine coming through the traffic to finish second in the featured event for the Hobby Stocks. Finishing strong during the waning laps, Brady Weinman of Arnold was up on the wheel during the final laps to earn a third place finish. Weinman started the contest on the inside of the third row.
Back to his old tricks, Erik Nelson of Central City has turned many laps and achieved great success at Lincoln County Raceway. As a result of the dreary weather all around Nebraska, Nelson returned to North Platte and was able to gain the lead on the opening lap from his fourth row starting position and never look back to claim the victory in the IMCA Sport Compact Feature. Nelson had heavy pressure behind him coming from fellow drivers chomping at the bit for a victory during the final laps as he worked through traffic. On the back bumper of Nelson was Andrew Baumgardner of North Platte. Baumgardner started the contest on the outside of the second row and after getting caught in a traffic jam in the early going, drove his way onto the podium in second place overall. Christian Destefano of Cozad piloted his Neon to a spotlighted third place finish on Saturday.

(Unofficial Results)
–IMCA Modified Feature: 1. 50c-Colton Osborn; 2. 97m-David Murray Jr.; 3. 34jw-Cole Hodges; 4. 3rw-Ronnie Wallace; 5. 50-Scott Smith; 6. XII-Jay Steffens; 7. 19xx-Brandon Spanjer; 8. 2-Jeremy Herbst; 9. 20b-Brandon Clough; 10. 11f-Luke Frosh.
Heat Race Winners: 97m-Murray Jr; 67m-Mikey Dancer.

–IMCA Northern Sport Modified Feature: 1. 15k-Jamey Kennicutt; 2. 55m-Tony Schultz; 3. 55d-Dillon Schultz; 4. 88j-Jacob Olmstead; 5. 69-Adam Kackmeister; 6. 34-Matt Caudillo; 7. 12j-Kerry Jones; 8. 59-Tyler Rajdl; 9. 0hp-Bryan Herrick; 10. 3-Gary Long.
Heat Race Winners: 15k- Kennicutt; 88j-Olmstead.

–IMCA Stock Car Feature: 1. 24w-Casey Werkmeister; 2. 42w-Kyle Werkmeister; 3. 16w-Jeff Whiting; 4. 5d-Travis Demilt; 5. 24-Bob Chalupa; 6. 72h-Jim Hagan; 7. 71-Andrew Dillenburg; 8. 75-Dan Eller; 9. 47-Russ Small Jr; 10. 09h-Bob Hoing.
Heat Race Winners: 16w-Whiting; 24w-Werkmeister.

–IMCA Hobby Stock Feature: 1. 2w-Luke Wassom; 2. 98z-Zach Olmstead; 3. 22w-Brady Weinman; 4. 72b-Jacob Hagan; 5. 15r-Robbie Kosmacek; 6. 12t-Tanner Jones; 7. 5-Chuck Ledbetter; 8. 01-Christopher Smith; 9. R89-Nate Refior.
Heat Race Winner: 2w-Wassom

–IMCA Sport Compact Feature: 1. 7-Erik Nelson; 2. 44u-Andrew Baumgardner; 3. 71c-Christian Destefano; 4. 24u-Tom Baumgardner; 5. 7e-Quincy Eggleston; 6. 057-Cody Schimmer; 7. 84u-Daryl Cauffman; 8. 93-Austin Cornelius; 9. 55-James Barnhill.
Heat Race Winner: 71c-Destefano.