Newberry, Motts, Gustafson Win At Antioch Speedway


Antioch, CA…August 5…Bob Newberry won the 20 lap All Star Series Wingless Spec Sprint Main Event Saturday night at Antioch Speedway. He now has two wins and a second in the last three races. Shannon Newton was looking like a serious threat for his first win as he paced the first eight laps of the race. Unfortunately, steering issues led to a crash at the end of the front straightaway, handing the lead to Newberry. Title contender Bryan Grier took second from heat race winner Robert Floyd on the restart. Newberry led the rest of the way to win ahead of Grier. Mechanical issues on lap 17 ended Floyd’s Top 3 run as Roy Fisher, Brandon Burd and Rick Panfili rounded out the Top 5. Incoming point leader Alan Miranda’s point effort took a hit when he pitted with mechanical issues prior to the start of the race.

Point leader Bobby Motts Jr. won the 20 lap A Modified Main Event, while point leader K.C Keller won the B Modified feature. The two divisions ran a combined race, which the track has done on rare occasions. In 2013, they ran Super Hobby Stocks and Limited Late Models together a few times, and there were a couple of occasions in which they ran the Sportsman class ran with the Stock Cars back in 1981. Motts took a big step towards his first A Modified championship as he won his first Main Event of the season, and Keller was a surprise second as the top B Modified finisher, which allowed him to add several points to his lead. Terry Kaiser was third in his A Modified, followed by the B Modified of Mark Garner and the A Modified of long time racer Mitch Enos.

Mike Gustafson won the 20 lap Limited Late Model feature. This was his his first win since the season opener. Gustafson was able to get the lead early, while point leader Kimo Oreta came from the back for a second place finish in the Sun Drop Racing #15 car. Mark Garner forced heat winner Jim Freethy to settle for his first non Top 3 finish of the season. After a few bad weeks with mechanical issues, rookie Buddy Kniss had his best finish in fifth.

Chris Sorensen won the 20 lap Hobby Stock Main Event. This was the fourth win of the year for the 2010 champion. Billy Garner led four laps ahead of Chris Bennett. When Garner slowed, Bennett paced a lap before pushing high. This opened the door for Sorensen and Chris Long to race into the first two positions. Melissa Myers made her way from tenth to third by lap 12, and she took second from Long on a lap 17 restart. However, Sorensen was not going to be denied the win. Chris and Robbee Sorensen were celebrating their 17th Wedding Anniversary. Myers was a strong second ahead of Long, Ken Rhoades and point leader Brent Curran.

Point leader Mike Corsaro won the 20 lap Dwarf Car Main Event. This was his third win in the last five races as Corsaro continues to increase his point lead. He started back in the fifth row as teammate Charlie Correia led early before giving way to Travis Hensley. However, Corsaro proved to be too fast for Hensley as he made his move into the lead and scored the win. Hensley settled for second with rookie Devan Kammermann a career best third. David Michael Rosa and Jenna Frazier rounded out the Top 5.

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Unofficial Race Results
Wingless Spec Sprints
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-Robert Floyd, Shannon Newton. Main Event (20 Laps)-Bob Newberry, Bryan Grier, Roy Fisher, Brandon Burd, Rick Panfili, James East, Abigail Gonderman, Robert Floyd, Shannon Newton, Alan Miranda (DNS).

A Modifieds
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-Bobby Motts Jr., Anthony Slaney. Main Event (20 Laps)-Bobby Motts Jr., Terry Kaiser, Mitch Enos, Gary Hetrick, Sean O’Gara, Bobby Montalvo, Justin Yaeger, Gregg McElhaney, Anthony Slaney, Eric Berendsen.

B Modifieds
Heat Winner (6 Laps)-K.C. Keller. Main Event (20 Laps)-K.C. Keller, Mark Garner, Todd Gomez, Chuck Golden, Megan Ponciano (DNS).

Limited Late Models
Heat Winner (6 Laps)-Jim Freethy. Main Event (20 Laps)-Mike Gustafson, Kimo Oreta, Mark Garner, Jim Freethy, Buddy Kniss, John Evans, Chad Hammer.

Hobby Stocks
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-Melissa Myers, Chris Long. Main Event (20 Laps)-Chris Sorensen, Melissa Myers, Chris Long, Ken Rhoades, Brent Curran, Gene Haney, Cameron Swank, Ed Hammer, Billy Garner, Dan McCown.

Dwarf Cars
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-David Rosa, Brian Gray. Main Event (20 Laps)-Mike Corsaro, Travis Hensley, Devan Kammermann, David Michael Rosa, Jenna Frazier, Mario Marquez, Brandon Anderson, Charlie Correia, Chris Becker, David Rosa.